Authors put thousands of hours into their craft. They invent new worlds and fantastic characters. Their audience falls in love with these new worlds, and long to connect with the author. For years, the primary ways an author could profit from his or her work were to get royalties or to go on paid speaking tours. At Brainsy Inc., we’re pleased to launch the Authors Bureau ECN to offer authors a new way to make money while connecting with their readers.

The Authors Bureau ECN is a cross between a personal speakers bureau and an online marketing platform for authors. At the core of the Bureau are a personalized profile, promotional tools, and the patented “Expert Calling Network” (ECN®) transactional calling platform so that authors can share their thoughts and expertise directly with readers – and get paid in the process.

One major advantage of the Authors Bureau ECN is clearly income. An author can set a rate and be paid for every completed call. If an author has frequent calls with fans, it could bring in significant income. We hope these conversations with readers will be a wonderful way for authors to supplement income in between books while getting close to those inspired by their words.

We also expect the Authors Bureau ECN to be a wonderful tool for book clubs. If a book club falls in love with a particular work, they can schedule a call with an author participating in the ECN. During the conversation, they can ask questions about their favorite characters or the author's inspiration for certain plots or themes. This discussion could also help the author build a greater connection with an audience and assist in promoting future works. After all, word-of-mouth referrals are a powerful promotional tool for an author’s work.

We hope the Authors Bureau ECN will be a tremendous resource to bridge readers and authors in a way that's mutually beneficial. Please join us on this journey and if you're a reader or participating author, let us know how we can make this service of greater benefit to you.

Thank you,

Brainsy, Inc. & the ECN Support Team