When someone asks; “What do you do?” the staff at Brainsy, Inc. will often reply with different answers. It’s not that we’re being disingenuous, instead, it’s that the benefit of “what we do” differs depending on the audience. Much like the story of the blind men and the elephant, where each one feels a different part – but only one part (e.g. the leg or the tusk) is described – the appeal of our service varies.

Most simply, Brainsy “powers” Expert Calling Networks or “ECNs.” An ECN® is a collection of experts organized online and paid to offer their advice over the phone. The different parts of our ECN elephant include…

Enterprise ECN: We offer Enterprise ECNs for organizations such as associations, professional societies, franchisors, or online marketplaces that wish to private label an ECN and bring together experts and members or consumers. For the most part, these are invitation-only networks and are operated by a Sponsor.

Personal Media ECN: We offer a Personal Media ECN for individuals. In contrast to many of today’s social media platforms -- which are geared to the mass market -- a Personal Media ECN provides tools which allow individuals to find or nurture quality one-on-one interactions, including paid phone calls.  

ECN InCallSM: For consultants, advisor, mentors, freelancers and other professionals that have already invested heavily in a social media or online presence, we offer the ECN InCallSM service which provides the core elements of a transactional account so one can get paid for phone calls. This opens up a direct path of monetization for anybody with a social media presence.

Each one may seem different, but in actuality, they are different parts of the same “ECN elephant.” And speaking of elephants in the room (or perhaps “donkeys” as it may be), here is a short video of Brainsy’s CEO, Brian Christie, describing the Expert Calling Network service to President Obama during his visit to Washington DC technology incubator, 1776.

Could your organization benefit by having its own privately labeled Expert Calling Network? If so, contact us today to learn more.