At Brainsy, Inc. some of the most frequently asked questions we hear from prospective Expert Calling Network (ECN) experts include “What is my time worth?” or “What should I post as my ECN call rate?” In this newly transforming knowledge economy and the knowledge marketplace, the answer depends a lot on what motivates you to participate in an ECN in the first place.

Some experts price below their “market" rate as an “introductory” rate with the goal of generating leads for bigger business opportunities. Others price at exactly what they expect the “market” will bear. Still others may overprice their expected call rate merely to associate a quality premium for their expertise. Regardless of your motivation, we encourage experts to price so that a bit of discounting occurs for calls of longer duration. In fact, outlined below are 10 tracks that follow a discounting strategy based on the three standard time intervals of 15 minutes, 30 minutes, and 60 minutes:

Track 1:   $15-$25-$40
Track 2:   $20-$30-$50
Track 3:   $25-$40-$65
Track 4:   $30-$55-$90
Track 5:   $40-$75-$120
Track 6:   $50-90-$150
Track 7:   $75-$120-$200
Track 8:   $100-$165-$275
Track 9:   $150-$240-$390
Track 10: $350-$600-$1,000

We recommend an expert select one of the tracks - but then be prepared to adjust it to encourage an increase or reduction in the number of incoming ECN call requests. A few words of caution though - consumers don’t always act rationally to price signals.  For many people, the thought of “You get what you pay for” translates into: expensive = good. Therefore, don’t be surprised if you raise your rate with the goal of lowering the volume of call requests but end up seeing an INCREASE the number of incoming call requests.